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Teen Violence

So I was reading the newspaper like I do everyday when I came across an interesting article that caught my attention. The headlines read, Teen arrested and charged with assaulting school official. Well I've seen countless news stories about this subject but thought I would continue to read on. As I continued to read the article about how this 16 year old was charged with assault and battery, threatening public official and resisting arrest, to my surprise the story began stating how this female assaulted the principal and when law enforcement showed up she began threatening the police officer as well. As someone who works with this population, I can tell you that the numbers between male youthful offenders and female youthful offenders is not equal. As times change, we are now seeing females who are just as violent as their male counterparts. When did this become acceptable and normal behavior for our girls? Don't get me wrong, teen violence is on the rise and we need to come up with proactive solutions to combat this growing trend but we also need to talk to our girls about the long road that lies ahead of them if they don't end their violent ways. Let's work together and find out the deeper rooted issue here. Where is all of this coming from? Can we talk about your negative choices? I need to know who you are hanging out with, etc. Just a thought

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