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Embracing the New Year and new you...

With the New Year comes new changes, excitement and the opportunity to try and fix the old. Self Empowerment is nothing new but definitely something that needs to be embraced by all. Over the past couples of months there has been countless stories of individuals who have faced some form of Abuse or Harassment coming forward and confronting their accusers. I say "yes", because no one deserves to be abused! Self-empowerment is all about taking control of your own life, setting goals and making positive choices. We can't continue to sit back and allow others to take control of our lives and decide our own destiny for us. There comes a time when we have to understand our strengths and weaknesses and have complete confidence in ourselves to steer this ship in the right direction. I once heard a wise person say, "Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone". This is a quote that we should all keep in our back pocket and pull out often to remind ourselves that we have a greater purpose in life. So release your inner champion and know that you can be anything and everything that you want to be in life. So the next time that life throws you a lemon, remember to make some lemonade.

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